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Tashi’s vocal style is heavily influenced by her origins as a singer and poet.  She serves complex variations in rhythm and melody that delight the ear and carry listeners through the emotional landscapes of each world she creates. Having achieved a BA in Film, Television and Theatre from the University of Notre Dame and an MFA in Acting from the University of Virginia, Tashi possesses extensive voice training and is equipped with a mastery of script analysis, dialects/accents, and vocal stamina. Based in NYC, Tashi works in commercials, video games, and most notably, audiobooks. She has narrated a wide array of fiction and nonfiction titles, earning an earphones award from AudioFile Magazine (2022) and an Audie Nomination (2022).



"I knew instantly from Tashi’s audition that she’d be able to capture the toughness and tenderness of my characters & Queens, NY, as I’d envisioned. Thank you, Tashi & @PRHAudio!" - Daphne Palasi Andreades, Author, Brown Girls

"Tashi is every producer's - and more importantly, every listener's - dream. She kills everything put in front of her like NBD." - Nithya Rajendran, producer, PRHA


Brown Girls_edited.jpg
Brown Girls_Duties
00:00 / 01:30
Eastside Westside Love
00:00 / 01:30
How to Wrestle a Girl
00:00 / 01:25
00:00 / 01:30

Childrens and Young Adult

00:00 / 01:36
Alien Summer #1
00:00 / 01:29
What's Inside a Flower
00:00 / 01:26
Not Enough Lollipops
00:00 / 01:28
Recognize_Claiming My Space
00:00 / 01:24
Zyla & Kai
00:00 / 01:31


400 Souls_The Fugitive Slave Act
00:00 / 01:28
Black Love Matters_Writing in the Gaps
00:00 / 01:27
Accent Reel
00:00 / 01:27




Commercial Demo ReelTashi Thomas
00:00 / 01:58
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