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Tashi Thomas (she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist who works to shatter barriers in theatre, film, commercial voiceover and audiobook narration through compassionate storytelling.

Tashi was introduced to the world of modeling at age 4.  As Tashi grew, so did her understanding of the human body and she began incorporating movement into her practice.

Tashi’s childhood was saturated with poetry and song. The R&B and Gospel traditions of her household anchor her to her community and its spiritual traditions ground her in purpose. Song and poetry continue to play an integral role in Tashi’s work as a writer and director. 

Her years of devotion to formal acting training culminated in a BA in Film, Television and Theatre from the University of Notre Dame (2008) and an MFA in Acting from the University of Virginia (2011).

While living in Charlottesville, VA Tashi served as an Acting One Instructor and Teaching Assistant for many courses, including African American Theatre and Cinema and as Art Form.  While striving to provide her Acting One students with a fundamental knowledge of theatre, she also provided vocal and physical training designed encourage the developing artist

 to approach devised scenes and improvisations with control, clarity, and purpose.

"Tashi helped me to face my stage fear and helped me to develop courage while I am acting. She told me to use my differences on the stage rather than hiding them in order to be successful. She made my acting class as a memoriable experience and I am really happy that I met and worked with her." 

Melisa Sanyer

Columbia University, MA Arts Administration '16

Tashi currently resides in Harlem, NY where she works as an actress, director, writer, producer and teacher and continues to use her voice to promote healing and restoration for the oppressed.

Exploration of generational curses, patterns of single motherhood/fatherlessness, poverty, and sickness are featured heavily in Tashi’s work.  As a writer, she aims to promote compassion for African American women and healing through confrontation.

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