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Acting With Tashi


Can you imagine life without art?  Having been immersed in the arts at a very young age, I certainly cannot.  As an actress, singer, director and writer, I am rewarded with the benefits of study and participation in the arts daily.  I have developed a deep appreciation and understanding of the ways in which the physical, intellectual, and emotional discipline developed through continued exposure and training in the arts, especially that of acting, has enhanced my life.  The tools I have cultivated while pursuing mastery of the craft have enabled me to contribute more profoundly to the society in which I live.

Currently Offering:
Acting 1





My 10 Week Acting 1 Workshop provides training in the following areas:


1)  Voice


The course focuses on diction, resonance and breath support.  Having been trained extensively in Lessac technique, I am abla to draw about The Lessac Kinesensic approach, one designed to allow the actor to discover vocal sensations in the body, allowing for better tonal quality and clarity, in order to propel the students' work forward. 


2)  Movement


Our training in this area begins by developing basic self-awareness of the body.  Often, individuals struggle with “what to do” with their bodies while on stage or giving presentations.  We begin by participating in exercises and activities that enable students to move towards a basic neutrality.  Only after one has established his or herself as a “blank canvas” can the process of producing movements motivated by action begin. 


We also work on Laban Movement Analysis. By analyzing movement via the dimensions of Weight, Space, Time, and Flow, we expand each individuals movement vocabulary and provide them with problem solving tools for future work on monologues, speeches, and scenes. 


3)  Scene Work


During this area of training we work on Open Scenes; ambiguous dialogue that can be interpreted in a variety of ways.  In this section of the course, students have the opportunity to work in groups, reinforcing notions of teamwork and collaboration.  In essence, the participants have the opportunity to create their own mini productions.  This challenging work demands the utmost creativity and while it is certainly daunting at first, it produces miraculous works of art that the students proudly claim ownership of.


4)  Monologues


This section of the course is vital to those finding themselves in presentation situations.  In this area, the voice, movement, and scene work collide, allowing students to put the knowledge they have recently acquired to good use.  This section of the course normally proves to be the one in which issues of stage fright and fear come to the forefront. One on one, each student and I work together to build the confidence and resilience needed to face any challenges that life might hold, be it in the classroom, the board room, the interview, or at home.


The course work culminates in a final performance showcase for the family and friends of the participants.  


The class capacity is 12 students for a 10-week course,  allowing for the intimacy required to foster a strong supportive ensemble while permitting me to provide personal attention, ensuring a considerable amount of growth in each area of study.


If interested, please email for registration details!

Private Coaching


Currently Offering:
Acting 1
Public Speaking
Acting While Singing: How to enhancing vocal performances via intent and purpose


"Tashi was the best first ever acting teacher I could have asked for.  Having never taken an acting class, I was quite nervous of performing in front of a class of 12 strangers.  Tashi’s ability to make people feel comfortable and creative, however, quickly dissipated any fear of feeling vulnerable.  Her class exercises enabled us to explore acting on so many different dimensions: literary, physical, abstract, verbal.  As an actress, Tashi gives riveting performances.  My classmates and I would often admire her ability to say a line in an unexpected way that gave the scene a whole new meaning.  The most rewarding part of her class was feeling like I learned not only about acting, but about myself and relationships as well.  Above all else, Tashi’s best asset is her genuineness.  Two years after having taken her class, she has become more than a teacher, but a mentor and a great friend."

-Emily T. Ellis UVA '14




"I had the opportunity to work with Tashi back in 2011. She was my acting coach at University of Virginia. I learned from her artistic creativity and talent and explored basic techniques of acting througout her extensive knowledge. As an international student, I always felt self concious while I was acting. Tashi helped me to face my stage fear and helped me to develop courage while I am acting. She told me to use my differences on the stage rather than hiding them in order to be successful. She made my acting class as a memoriable experience and I am really happy that I met and worked with her." 


Melisa Sanyer

Columbia University, Arts Administration MA Candidate 2016

University of Virginia, Drama, Art History BA, 2014




"Speaking from my heart; If you are passionate about your craft, she will notice it. If you have a gift or natural fluency in the arts, she will enhance you. Honestly, you would need a first-hand experience to fully understand the depth of what I'm writing. Coaching and instruction given by Tashi is an experience that is very very very hard to put into words, but I will try. My imagination has gone to another level since the day she helped me to visualize my performances in a way I've never even considered, or thought necessary and possible before. Yes, she will walk you through every step of an audition from before your hand touches the door knob until it is touched again on the opposite side... but something else really amazing happens half way into the session. As she pushed me deeper into my imagination, the walls and objects in the room peeled away, and I found myself in the exact place of my performance emotionally and mentally connected to every word and action I used. Everything was enhanced. Not only do I feel confident in knowing what approach to take with every audition or performance, but I now have a way to get back to that place in my mind that makes every performance "real" to me. That's what she has to offer that you will not receive the same way from anyone else.  


Darrell Dupree Payne

Musical Director at School of Acoustics


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